Speed Up And Protect Your PC

techhipsterIf you’re using a PC then you’re probably aware of the fact that PCs often get attacked by viruses and malware quite often.  It’s just the nature of the beast: because PCs outnumber Macs its what hackers would prefer to go after.  And so comes the need to fortify your computer.

Another issue that plagues computers (all computers, not just PCs) is the fact that these systems often slow down over time.  The older a computer gets, the more slow it seems to perform.  This is often due to many different reasons, although there are a few key ones that tend to be the biggest culprits.  We can show you how to deal with all of these problems and get your “younger” computer back.

First of all, if you don’t have an antivirus software program set up, you’re just asking for it.  I highly recommend Norton 360.  It runs quietly in the background and seems pretty lightweight.  Sometimes antivirus software can be so intrusive and can bog down your system, but I don’t have too many problems with Norton 360.

In addition to an antivirus software tool you might want to consider a spyware removal software device.  These types of programs go after different types of software – malware is not the same as a virus and Norton might not catch it.  If you suspect you have malware or spyware lurking on your system you should at the very least run a scan.  A great tool for this job is Spyhunter 4.   You can check out a great review of the program from Martinus Tech right here.  Spyhunter is a very easy and safe tool and I’ve actually used it myself with great success to get rid of the adware/malware “Conduit”.

Another great thing that you can do is to educate yourself on the latest security threats by following some tech blogs.  I really like Wired and ARSTechnica.  These keep you up to date on the different ways that hackers are going after computers and data – and the more you know the more you can avoid falling into one of their traps.  Bookmark these blogs and visit them often!

In order to get your computer running faster again, I highly recommend that you do a few things to improve its speed and performance.  One of the first steps you can take is to run a cleaning software tool such as CCleaner.  This will get rid of all the “gunk” on your computer such as extra registry entries, duplicate files, junk history files, and more.  Even just running this once can give your system a boost.

Another strategy is to go through and prevent software from booting on startup.  If you don’t need a software program to load when you boot up your computer, then you can disable this from happening in the Control Panel.  For example, you don’t need that accounting software running in the background unless you’re actually using the accounting software!

Another great way to improve computer performance is to also upgrade the RAM.  RAM is a physical measure of how much your computer can do at one time.  If your computer is eligible, you can easily and quickly update your RAM by going to a website such as Crucial.com.

Hope this article helped you!  Any additional tips?  Leave them in the comments!